Providing the essentials of life for the entire family


To provide at-risk youth with after-school, recreational, and athletic programs to develop positive decision-making skills, build self-confidence, self-esteem, academic achievement, personal/leadership skills and deter youth from gang violence and criminal activity to ensure they grow to become productive citizens and achieve success in life.


Founded in 2004, The Dwight and Sheryl Howard Foundation’s initial goal was to offer a mentoring program for boys who did not have a father or a male figure in their lives in an encouraging and nurturing environment.

As an outlet for the young men, the basketball camp was launched which later included camp also for girls.   Seeing that the parents had additional need and required assistance in other areas, the Howards expanded the services and began to offer afterschool homework support including transportation.  Today. The Dwight D. and Sheryl H. Howard Foundation aim to reach at-risk youth and their families by providing advanced academic curriculums and sports programs to support their development and educational potential.  After witnessing the results of destructive decisions made by youth while serving as a Correctional Officer with Fulton County Corrections Facility, and a former Georgia State Trooper, Dwight D. Howard, Sr. strongly believed that if kids were given the opportunity and an alternative, they could be empowered and gain personal success.  Both he and his wife, Sheryl H. Howard, who also mentored youth throughout the metro-Atlanta area, began to partner with Middle and High Schools to provide after-school and summer camps in Fulton County.

In addition to the afterschool and basketball camps, in 2015 a STEM program was incorporated to bring awareness and to have a deliberate focus on accelerated learning and provide early and sustained opportunities for skill-building during the summer months.

With the variety of activities offered to youth, the Dwight D. and Sheryl H. Howard Foundation infrastructure became solid and they began to hire educators that emphasize empowering leadership, staff development, strategic partnerships, commitment to evaluation and a focus on durable sustainability. The sports program allow youth to learn and play in an assortment of sports to help fight against childhood obesity and promote healthy habits.

Since commencement, over 4,450 children has benefited from the services and look forward to serving thousands more.